We bring communities together

Food Drives

Our volunteers help with packing, organizing, and delivering meals. By having volunteers at our food pantry, we are able to assist the underprivileged and fulfill their basic need for food.

Emergency Assistance

Emergency assistance is provided to deserving families to assist them in covering unforeseen expenses like lost wages and medical expenses.

Community Services

We bring communities together by taking part in a range of outreach programs. We partner with neighborhood community service groups and spread awareness about various outreach activities.

Our programs includes organizing food drives, collecting food and monetary donations, recruiting volunteers, working closely with local community service organizations.

We believe in cooperation and partnership because we realize that we cannot eliminate hunger on our own. We support raising the general public’s awareness of the real scope of hunger.

We are dedicated to greatness and make sure that our community receives the best services possible. We firmly believe in honesty, integrity, trust and transparency of the resources entrusted to us.